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Dayton Industrial Corporation was established in 1977. We are an experienced supplier and professional exporter of various tools. Our main projects are:

General Hand Tools

Torque tools, Digital torque wrench, Torque mulitiplier, Pliers, Snap ring pliers, Circlip pliers, Mini pliers, Grip pliers, Leather punch, Bolt cutters, Mini bolt cutters, Wire cutters, Tin snip, Multi-purpose shears, Cutters, Allen key, Hex key wrench, Folding wrench, T-handle key wrench, Bicycle repair tools, Wrench, Ratchet wrench, Hook & Pin wrench, Hand riveters, Nut riveters, Anchor riveters, Engineering tools, Screw extractor, Punch tools, Bench vise, Sanding tools, Hand sanding board, Packing tools, Plastic strapping tools, Steel strapping tools, Tape dispenser tools, Packing equipment.

Automotive Tools

Welding clamp, Pull clamp, Paintless dent repair kit, Dolly, Suction cup, Filler applicator, Brake service tools, Chisel, Punch, Engine tools, Piston ring service tools, Valve spring compressor, Valve grinder, Coil spring compressor, Belt service tools, Stud service tools, Seal service tools, Battery service tools, Pick and hook tools, Scraper, Line stopper, Hose clamp tools, Grease gun, Magnetic tray, Pick up tools, Magnetic finder, Oil filter wrench, Oil filter cutter, Oil drain plug socket, Oil suction gun, Pry bar, Gear puller, Hydraulic gear puller, Bearing puller, Bearing separator, Radiator pressure tester, Stethoscope, Voltage tester, Door hinge adjuster, Trim removal tools, Panel remove tools, Clip removal tools, Windshield removal tools, Windshield installation kit.

Caulking Gun

Cordless caulking gun, Pneumatic sealant dispenser, Two component caulking gun, One component caulking gun, Mortar point gun, Caulk tools, Push pump, Screeding pad.

Construction Tools

Staple gun, Electric staple gun, Hammer tacker, Forward action staple gun, Staples, Decorating tools, Scraper, Putty knife, Painter’s tools, Wood working tools, Masonry tools, Plumping tools, Tube cutter, Flaring tools, Deburring tools, Tube bender, Drum auger, Safety equipment, Hearing protection, Eye protection, Face protection, Head protection.

Pneumatic Tools

Impact wrench, Air screwdriver, Air drill, Die grinder, Angle grinder, Micro die grinder, Random orbital palm sander, Polisher, Air riveting nut tool, Air hydraulic riveter, Air brow gun, Air sand blasting gun, Tire inflator, F.R.L. control unit, PU recoil.

Bits & Bits Driver

Professional bits, Threaded bits, Electronic screwdriver bits, Nut setter, Bit holder, Ratchet screwdriver, Ratchet driver set, Screwdriver set.


Precision screwdriver, Impact driver, Impact driver bits.

Socket & Accessories

Ratchet handle, 10mm driver bit set, Socket set, Impact socket set, Impact universal socket.

• Electronic Tools

Compression tools, Modular crimping tools, Crimping tools, Cable stripper, Fiber optic tools, Wire stripper, Cable cutters, Punch down tools, Soldering gun, Solder wire, Desoldering pump, Voltage tester, Connector removal tools, Cable tie fasten tools, Glue gun, Utility knife, Fish tape.

VDE 1000V Insulated Tools

Combination pliers, Long nose pliers, Diagonal cutting pliers, Wire stripper, Spanner, Adjustable wrench, Ratchet wrench, Ratchet handle, Sockets, Bit socket, Tool set, Cable cutters, Cable scissors, Cable knife.

Garden Tools

Pruning shear, Hedge shear, Trimming shear, Nozzle, Sprinkler, Hose holder, Pruning saw, Garden knife, Rake, Trowel, Shovel.


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The market is unpredictable, only work closely together, equal reciprocity and growing together. This is our mission and service spirit.